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One step at a time. Web 2.0, often known as the social web, is the web where social interaction conveys your thoughts, feelings or emotions daily and dispense material from a variety of sources at the discretion of people. Nevertheless, web 3.0 has made a last-minute entry.


$24400 Contribution received - Stage 1

$2300 Contribution received - Stage 2

Our Values

Our strategy is based on CCD (Community Driven Development) values, where we want to invest and legal power to vulnerable people, while creating and developing new solutions that empower a sustainable way of thinking under the moral rules of common ground. We believe in a future where people can make investing decisions easier and secure their investment, and for that, we are eager to build a community where everything is organic and follows the institutional policy framework

The first industrialized blockchain, community driven.

It is our responsibility to be informed, knowledge is the key of everything. We have created various programmes which are divided into multiple sectors to prioritize the effectiveness in the long run of each client. 

The project operates towards final deliverables that are unfettered to finite proposals and we encourage everyone to take part of our mission to excel and exceed expectations.

The goal is to identify the overworld problems, analyse and carry out new strategies to influence the future of next generation, while evaluating the power of voice and conducting valuable relationships that offer budget and economic information to our clients. 

Community is conducted based on CBO’s principles that focus on informing demand, directly interconnected with Government Terms and Regulations.

Embrace the cultural and gender inclusion and CBOs needs to expand the ideas of our community at a large-scale, including defenceless minority groups and vulnerable women and men, setting the seal on client’s enlargement.

Token and NFT Sales

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ICO - Stage 1

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Quantum Bit Tokenomics

Qubit(short for Quantum Bit) is designed to server as a utility token in the Network 3.0 Ecosystem. 

We are splitting 40% of the total supply to our community fund, that will sustain all the project we are building in the communit. 


40% - Herophilos R&D

40% - Community Fund

4% - Legal

5% - Design

5% - Marketing

6% - Founders Account

Discussions with investors in progress ...

Looking forward to meet you.

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